Vesica pisces

The Vesica Pisces as a model for relationship

The vesica pisces, which means “bladder of a fish” is a primary figure in sacred geometry. It is two equal-sized circles drawn so that the circumference of each penetrates the centerpoint of the other. The vesica pisces is the almond-shaped area where the two circles overlap.

Vesica pisces

This is the place of the “creative third,” rich and fertile. When the centerpoint is thus properly penetrated, energy and possibility flourish. Here is a relationship of synergy, shared creative energy that surpasses what each alone can do. Note too that about one third of the area overlaps…. Not too much, so neither circle is lost to or subsumed or eclipsed by the other.

This simple but elegant figure is remarkably potent. The vesica will hold two perfect equilateral triangles ...

Vesica pisces with triangles

... and squared, it creates a rectangle of golden mean proportions. Elegant!!

Vesica pisces with rectangle

Sacred spirals, the proportions of which are found throughout nature, arise from it.

Vesica pisces with golden mean spiral

When I was contemplating the vesica pisces, I realized that it was also a superb model for relationships. The first consideration is that to create a proper vesica pisces, it takes two whole circles. Sometimes tho, someone is not a ‘whole circle’ ~ they may be more like a cookie with a big bite taken out of it.

missing pieces

When this is the case, the person will inevitably try to find someone to fill in their missing place. The result is a relationship of codepedence, which is static and tense, not dynamic. There is no place for the other person to be their own whole circle.

missing pieces in relationship

So we notice that first, it is important to be a whole circle. Do your work to become whole, with various aspects of your being developed, balanced, and integrated. Then it is important to find another person who is also a whole circle!

Sometimes, one person is a “bigger circle” ~ a more complex, developed person. Then you can have something like this, where the bigger circle person can readily penetrate the centerpoint of the other circle, but the smaller circle cannot reach the centerpoint of the other, leaving the “larger circle” feeling unfulfilled.

Uneven relationship

Or you may find this:

Uneven relationship

Sometimes, even when you are working with two whole same-sized circles, it isn’t so easy to find the proper balance. This can happen ~ not enough overlap, the centerpoints are not penetrated. Here, there will not be the intimacy needed for the transformation which is possible.

Lack of connection

Or this, where there is too much overlap, resulting in too much energy enmeshment.


What we want is a spiritual partnership of two equal partners with equity of energy exchange, where the shared penetration activates all the sacred geometry, potentiality and creativity which can then arise arise from the union.

Vesica pisces